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SIP with Top Up Facility

  • What is SIP with Top-Up Facility?

    SIP Top-up is a facility wherein an investor who has enrolled for SIP, has an option to increase the amount of the SIP Installment by a fixed amount at pre-defined intervals. Thus, this facility enhances the flexibility of the investor to invest higher amounts during the tenure of the SIP.

  • Which Schemes are available under the SIP with Top-Up Facility?

    The Top-up facility will be available in respect of all schemes offering SIP facility.

  • What is the frequency of Top-Up?

    Monthly SIP offers top-up frequency at half yearly and yearly intervals. Quarterly SIP offers Top-up frequency at yearly intervals only. In case the Top-up frequency is not indicated under Monthly SIP, it will be considered as Yearly interval.

  • What is the amount that can be topped up?

    The Top-up amount should be a minimum of Rs. 500/- and in multiples of Rs. 500 only

  • Can an investor decide the Upper Limit of the SIP Top-Up?

    Investors can opt for an upper limit for the SIP with top up facility. The investment SIP Top- Up will be discontinued once the SIP upper limit is reached. However the SIP will continue till the entire enrollment period as chosen by the investor.

    e.g. SIP enrollment period: 1 July 2014 to 1 Dec 2020; Monthly SIP amount : Rs. 2000
    Top Up Amount: Rs. 500; Top Up frequency: Half yearly.


    From date To date Monthly SIP Installment (Rs.) SIP Top Up  Amount (Rs.) Total Amount of SIP(Rs.)
    1-July-14 1-Dec-14 2000 NA 2000
    1- Jan-15 1- Jun-15 2000 500 2500
    1-Jul-15 1-Dec-15 2500 500 3000
    1-Jan-16 1-Dec-20 3000 - 3000

  • How does an investor apply for SIP with Top – Up facility?

    The investor can enroll for this facility by applying for SIP through a specially designed form for this purpose and selecting his preference for the amount and Frequency of Top – Up.

  • Can an investor Top Up an existing SIP?

    The existing investor needs to apply for the SIP with Top Up facility along with the auto debit only. They will have to ensure that the details like the Scheme / plan, date of SIP, Duration and frequency is correctly provided. The investors will have 2 different debits in their bank accounts, one for the Initial transaction and another for Top up Transaction.

  • Can an investor modify a Top Up facility which is already availed?

    Once enrolled, in order to modify the Top - Up Facility, the investor must cancel the existing SIP and enroll for a fresh SIP with Top-up option.

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