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Ways to invest

Want to Invest, but don't know how?

4 easy steps to Invest

  • 1

    Invest a fixed amount of say Rs.10,000 or more

  • 2

    Your investment will go to the Tata Treasury Advantage Fund - Growth Option

  • 3

    You will be allotted units in your Account

  • 4

    Every month Rs.1000 or more (as specified by you) will be transferred to the Tata Large Cap Fund from your Tata MF EasyInvest Account

Presenting TATA MF EasyInvest

A unique idea designed to let your hard earned savings work harder for you at low risk by allowing you to invest in two different funds
Tata Treasury Advantage Fund
& Tata Large Cap Fund together.

  • Tata Large Cap Fund

    It aims to provide income distribution and / or medium to long term capital gains while at all times emphasizing the importance of capital appreciation.

  • Tata Treasury Advantage Fund

    The investment objective of the scheme is to generate regular income & capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of debt & money market instruments with relatively lower interest rate risk.

How to create wealth from savings?

Evidence states that over a long period equities have created more wealth than any other asset class. So as an option, there is no match to equities to create wealth in the long term.

How could you reduce market risk?

One of the biggest risk in equity market is not knowing when to take out the money and when to put it in. An easy way to avoid this is to opt for a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) where you invest periodically a fixed sum of money into specific investment vehicle, for a pre-determined number of periods. To know more about the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) click here.

Advantages of Easy Invest:

Ease of execution

The Easy Invest mode of investment saves the time and effort involved in giving multiple instructions to the mutual fund to redeem from one scheme and invest in another and converts it into a single instruction, to be executed over the defined period.

Better returns potential

It gives the investor an opportunity to earn a potentially better return as compared to returns from a savings bank account.

Averaging of Cost

By investing regularly the investor gets the benefit of “Rupee Cost averaging” and benefits from the volatility in the share market.

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