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Bonus Units

Scheme Name Record Date Bonus Ratio NAV per Unit (Rs.)
cum Bonus
TATA Ethical Fund - Growth 31-Mar-00 1:2 29.7093
TATA Tax Saving Fund  31-Mar-00 1:1 44.1509
TATA Income Fund Appreciation - Bonus 21-Jul-03 1:1 20.6694
TATA Gilt Securities Fund - Bonus 28-Feb-05 1:1 21.4445
TATA Young Citizens  Fund 31-Mar-00 1:2 18.5107
TATA Young Citizens  Fund 14-Nov-03 1:4 14.7245
TATA Young Citizens  Fund 23-Nov-07 1:2 26.5015
TATA Young Citizens  Fund 12-Nov-10 1:3 20.8172
TATA Young Citizens  Fund 14-Nov-11 1:5 15.0791

Pursuant to allotment of bonus units, the NAV of the scheme would fall in proportion to the bonus units allotted & as a result the total value of units held by investor would remain the same

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