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  • Liquid

    Liquid funds invest in very short term debt and money market instruments. This is one of the ideal options for people who would like to invest idle savings with relative liquidity and stability as compared to Bank Savings account.

  • Overnight

    Overnight funds invest in overnight securities with a maturity of 1 day, as compared to liquid funds which invest in debt and money market instruments with a maturity profile of up to 91 days. Overnight Funds offer a new investment avenue with a risk profile lower than liquid funds.

  • Short Term

    These funds primarily invest in short term debt instruments. These funds are ideal for investors keen to benefit from short term interest rates and have short term investment horizon.

  • Income

    This fund category invests primarily in debt instruments with an aim to generate regular and steady income for the investors by investing in of medium to long term debt and money market instruments. These funds normally have higher average maturities of the portfolio and aim to benefit from falling interest rates scenario providing price appreciation opportunities.

  • Dynamic Bond

    These funds change their exposure in short and long term papers depending upon the expected interest rate scenario in the near future with an objective to earn capital gains. These funds are preferred when we expect a volatile interest rate environment.

  • Gilt

    GILT funds primarily invest in the government securities which are considered as having least credit risk as they are backed by the Government. There are GILT funds which invest in short, medium and long term maturity papers issued by Government.

  • Banking & PSU Debt

    Tata Banking & PSU Debt Fund will invest in Debt instruments issued by Banks, Public Sector Undertakings and Public Financial Institutions while maintaining an optimum balance of yield, safety and liquidity.

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