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Tata Young Citizens Fund


As a responsible Parent, Guardian or wellwisher, you are always willing to take steps today so that your little ones get to see a better tomorrow. Be it basic education, the most coveted foreign degree, a dream marriage, a diligent and loving parent desires to provide enough financial security for each milestone in a child's life. But have you thought how you would be able to fulfill these desires, given the huge increases in costs of education or marriage that are likely to occur with every passing year? A little bit of careful planning, regular saving and consistent investing today is what is required so that you can take care of these future needs without worrying too much. If you are looking for an investment today which would help you realize your children's dreams tomorrow, then Tata Young Citizens' Fund (TYCF) is perhaps the right choice for you.

Tata Young Citizens' Fund is an open-ended balanced scheme exclusively for children aged between 3 months and 18 years. The scheme aims at helping parents, guardians and well wishers to save for growing children's needs.

Asset Allocation
Instruments Indicative Allocation (% of Total Assets) Risk Profile
Minimum Maximum High/Medium/Low
Equity and Equity Related Instruments (Listed / Unlisted)
65% 100% High
Debt* & Money Market Instruments
0% 35% Low to Medium
Units* & issued by REITs and InvITs
0% 10% Medium to high


*Investment by the scheme in securitised debt will not normally exceed 70% of the debt exposure of the Scheme.

The scheme does not seek to invest in foreign securities. The Scheme does not seek to participate in repo/reverse repo in corporate debt securities. The Scheme does not seek to participate in credit default swaps. Not more than 20% of the net assets of the scheme shall be deployed in securities lending. The Scheme would limit its exposure, with regards to securities lending, for a single intermediary, to the extent of 5% of the total net assets of the scheme at the time of lending. The scheme net assets will have a maximum derivative net position of 50% of the net assets of the scheme.

The scheme may invest in the units of REITs and InvITs. The scheme may write call options under covered call strategy.

For detailed information kindly refer the Scheme Information Document.

Who should invest / Key Attributes
  • Ideal for investors:
    • Planning for their children’s future needs
    • Balanced approach to savings for their children’s future needs by investing in a combination of Debt and Equity instruments.
  • Key attributes:
    • Benefits of the stability in income from debt and capital appreciation opportunities from equity investments.
    • Personal accident policy for donee children upto Rs.1,50,000/-
    • Units of the scheme can be gifted by a legal entity to any child (need not be a relative).
Fund Manager

Sonam Udasi

Sonam UdasiBacked with 22 years of his expertise in Equities Research is presently the Senior Fund Manager for many of the equity schemes at Tata Asset Management, since April 2016.

Sonam joined Tata Asset Management as Head Research in April 2014. He has also served as the Principal Officer for the Portfolio Management Services vertical of Tata Asset Management.

Prior to joining Tata Asset Management, Sonam headed the Research Team at IDBI Capital Market Services Ltd. for 4 years. During this tenure, IDBI Capital Research Team was rated as No. 3 "Top Most Award Winning Team" by Thomson Reuters Starmine Awards for Excellence for Fiscal Year 2013.

He started his career as an Analyst with the Quantum Group headed by Ajit Dayal, building expertise in sectors like Consumer Staples, Retail, Media, Pharma and Utilities.

He later joined JM Financial AMC as Senior Analyst reporting to the CIO. Apart from this, he has also worked with erstwhile ASK Raymond James and BRICS Securities (Head – Consumer Vertical).

Sonam has a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, specializing in Finance.

Ennette Fernandes: Assistant Fund Manager

Ennette Fernandes has an industry experience of more than 10 years.

She joined Tata Asset Management in January 2014 as a Research Analyst tracking FMCG, retail, consumer durables, building products, media and textile sectors.

W.e.f. June 2018 she is Assistant Fund Manager for Tata Large Cap Fund, Tata India Consumer Fund, Tata Retirement Savings Fund (Progressive, Moderate & Conservative plans) Tata Young Citizens Fund, Tata India Tax Savings Fund and Tata Mid Cap Growth Fund, reporting to Chief Investment Officer – Equities.

Her previous stints were at Phillip Capital India Pvt. Limited, (March 2009 to December 2013) as Junior Research Analyst on FMCG sector and reported Head of Research.

Ennette is a Bachelor of Commerce and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (Finance).

Akhil Mittal

Akhil MittalAkhil Mittal joined Tata Asset Management in June 2014 as a senior fund manager.

At Tata Asset Management, Akhil manages debt funds including ultra-short funds, short & long duration funds and fixed income allocation in hybrid funds.

Akhil started his career in 2004 at Rallis India Limited where he worked till 2006 in the treasury department looking after working capital management, foreign exchange management & banking.

Akhil moved to Edelweiss Securities Limited in 2006, where he worked in the Corporate Treasury & resources department looking after resource mobilization, working capital management, banking & investments.

Later, Akhil joined Canara Robeco Asset Management Co Ltd as a fund manager (fixed income funds) from Sept 2008 till Nov 2010 & from March 2011 to June 2014; he managed various Fixed Income portfolios including money market funds, duration funds & hybrid funds.

Akhil also had a brief stint with Principal PNB Asset Management Co Ltd from Nov 2010 to Feb 2011 handling various income funds.

Akhil Mittal is a B.Com graduate & holds an MBA degree from University Business School.

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Scheme Information

The investment objective of the Scheme is to generate long term capital growth

Nature of scheme
An open-ended fund for investment for children having a lock-in for at least 5 years or till the child attains age of majority (whichever is earlier).
Date of Allotment
14 Oct 1995
Options / Plan
Tata Young Citizens' Fund
Regular Plan (Routed through Distributor)
  • Compulsory Lock-in
  • Growth
Direct Plan (w.e.f. 1st Jan 2013)
  • Compulsory Lock-in
  • Growth
Entry Load
Exit Load

Compulsory Lock-in Option 5 years or till the child attains age of majority (whichever is earlier). 1% - If redeemed before child attains 18 years of age.

Min. Purchase Amount
500/- and multiple of 500/-
Min. Additional Purchase Amt.
500/- and multiple of 500/-
Min. Redemption Amt. / Units
500/- or 50 units
Frequency No. of Installments Min. Installment Amt.
Daily / Weekly / Monthly 12 150/-
Monthly 6 1,000/-
Quarterly 6 1,000/-
4 1,500/-
(#) SIP amount (per installment) should be in multiples of 500/-.
Systematic Withdrawal Plan





Min. Withdrawal Amt.

*The minimum amount required for switch is 500/- and in multiple of 1/-.

SIP and SWP available only for anytime exit option or after the child attains majority under compulsory lock-in option

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