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Tata Retirement Savings Fund

Tata Retirement Savings Fund

Due to better healthcare and progress in science, people are getting healthier and living longer. It would not be uncommon for people to live quite easily up to 85 years in the near future. Moreover the life span of fixed income paying jobs is on a decline. A reducing career span has resulted in a rise in entrepreneurship which means people would need an entrepreneurship corpus at some stage in their life.

Inflation also plays havoc all the time by decreasing the buying power of your money. Hence there has been never a greater need of building a voluntary retirement corpus for overcoming the difficulties of post retirement period than today.

If one assumes an average career start age of 25yrs and an average retirement to catch up by the age of 55, then it means one has to work for 30 years and have to fend for 30 years on its own without any regular source of income. This is the ‘30-30 CHALLENGE’ that has to be surmounted.

Tata Retirement Savings Fund is a carefully structured suite of plans designed to meet the investment needs of investors planning for retirement. It works as a retirement solution by offering choice of asset allocation to investors based on their life stage and risk preference.

Asset Allocation
Plans Indicative Allocations
Equity Debt Other
85-100 0-15 0-10
65-85 15-35 0-10
0-30 70-100 0-10
Who should invest / Key Attributes
  • Ideal for Investors:
    • Investors keen to save for retirement
    • Follow an life cycle based approach to retirement savings
    • Salaried employees looking for regular savings avenue for retirement
    • Self-employed who usually don’t have post retirement benefits accruing to them
    • Investors seeking an alternative to traditional retirement saving avenues
  • Key Attributes:
    • Unique Auto-Switch facility:

      Tata Retirement Savings Fund offers a unique “Auto Switch” feature which takes away the hassles of adjusting the equity – debt proportion with increasing age. So if the investor starts an SIP in the “Progressive” plan opting for the Auto Switch Feature, automatically the fund will do the needful as the consumer crosses different age brackets as explained below:-

      • Progressive to Moderate – switch happens once the invest tor attains the Age of 45yrs.
      • Moderate to Conservative – switch happens once the investor attains the Age of 60yrs. However the fund also provides the option of staying perpetually invested in a single plan of choice.

    • Unique Auto-SWP facility:

      Once investors retire they need a regular flow of money to fund their expenses. While salary does stop post retirement, annuities and pension form a major part of their regular cash flow. The unique “Auto Systematic Withdrawal Plan” works like an annuity on the investor attaining the age of 60. There are 3 options of Auto SWP facilities

      • *Monthly – 0.5% of market value of investment as on date of completion of 60 yrs of age
      • *Quarterly – 1.5% of market value of investment as on date of completion of 60 yrs of age
      • *Investors also have an option to withdraw a flat amount with the minimum amount being Rs.500 and in multiples of Rs.500 on monthly basis.

      *Systematic Withdrawal plan provides regular outflow of money fixed on the basis value of investment on the date on which the investor completes the age of 60. It does not provide any guarantee of returns or capital protection and or return of principal. This feature should not be considered as annuity facility.

    • Load Free Switch facility:

      One can move between the different plans without paying any applicable loads for a maximum 6 times during the life of the investment (option available only after completion of 5yrs from Date of Allotment). If switch-out is done before 5yrs or more than 6 occasions then the same will be subject to applicable exit loads.

Fund Manager

Sonam Udasi

Sonam UdasiBacked with 22 years of his expertise in Equities Research is presently the Senior Fund Manager for many of the equity schemes at Tata Asset Management, since April 2016.

Sonam joined Tata Asset Management as Head Research in April 2014. He has also served as the Principal Officer for the Portfolio Management Services vertical of Tata Asset Management.

Prior to joining Tata Asset Management, Sonam headed the Research Team at IDBI Capital Market Services Ltd. for 4 years. During this tenure, IDBI Capital Research Team was rated as No. 3 "Top Most Award Winning Team" by Thomson Reuters Starmine Awards for Excellence for Fiscal Year 2013.

He started his career as an Analyst with the Quantum Group headed by Ajit Dayal, building expertise in sectors like Consumer Staples, Retail, Media, Pharma and Utilities.

He later joined JM Financial AMC as Senior Analyst reporting to the CIO. Apart from this, he has also worked with erstwhile ASK Raymond James and BRICS Securities (Head – Consumer Vertical).

Sonam has a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, specializing in Finance.

Ennette Fernandes: Assistant Fund Manager

Ennette Fernandes has an industry experience of more than 10 years.

She joined Tata Asset Management in January 2014 as a Research Analyst tracking FMCG, retail, consumer durables, building products, media and textile sectors.

W.e.f. June 2018 she is Assistant Fund Manager for Tata Large Cap Fund, Tata India Consumer Fund, Tata Retirement Savings Fund (Progressive, Moderate & Conservative plans) Tata Young Citizens Fund, Tata India Tax Savings Fund and Tata Mid Cap Growth Fund, reporting to Chief Investment Officer – Equities.

Her previous stints were at Phillip Capital India Pvt. Limited, (March 2009 to December 2013) as Junior Research Analyst on FMCG sector and reported Head of Research.

Ennette is a Bachelor of Commerce and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (Finance).

Murthy Nagarajan

With an expertise spanning decades in the debt market, Murthy brings in a rich and valuable industry experience of more than 22 years in the financial services space.

Prior to his appointment at Tata Asset Management, Murthy was working with Quantum AMC. He was also associated with Mirae Asset Global Investment India Ltd in the Investment Department as the Head of Fixed Income for more than two years.

Murthy holds a Master of Commerce degree and has completed his PGDBA from Somaiya Institute of Management & Research.

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Scheme Information

To provide income distribution and / or medium to long term capital gains while at all times emphasising the importance of capital appreciation.

Nature of scheme
  • An open-ended retirement solution oriented scheme having a lock-in of 5 years or till retirement age (whichever is earlier).
Date of Allotment
01 Nov 2011
Options / Plan
Tata Retirement Savings Fund
Regular Plan (Routed through Distributor)
  • Progressive
  • Moderate
  • Conservative
  • Growth
Direct Plan (w.e.f. 1st Jan 2013)
  • Progressive
  • Moderate
  • Conservative
  • Growth
Entry Load
Exit Load
a) If redemption or switch out on or after attainment of retirement age i.e. 60years - Nil

b) In case of Auto switch out of units on occurrence of Auto switch trigger event. - Nil

c) If redeemed before 61 months from the date of allotment. – 1%

Exit Load Free Switch-outs*: After completion of 5 years from the date of allotment, investors can avail exit load free switch from one plan to other plan of the Fund. However, this facility is available for a maximum six occasions during the tenure of investment in the Fund. Switch-out before completion of 5 years from the date of allotment or switch-out to other schemes of ‘Tata Mutual Fund’ (i.e. other that switch between the plans of Tata Retirement Savings Fund) or switch-out beyond the allowed free occasions / times (i.e. 6 times) shall be subject to exit loads as mentioned in point (a, b & c) above.

* It may please be noted that, those investors who avail this exit load free switch-out facility are required to reregister for the auto-switch facility form the plan to which they switch-in. However, auto-SWP facility shall remain in force & will be activated, upon attainment of the age of 60 years, from the plan to which they switch-in.

Min. Purchase Amount
Min. Additional Purchase Amt.
1,000/- & in multiple of 1/- thereafter
Min. Redemption Amt. / Units*
500 or 50 Units
Frequency No. of Installments Min. Investment
Daily / Weekly / Monthly 12 150/-
Monthly 6 1,000/-
Quartery 6 1,000/-
4 1,500/-
Systematic Withdrawal Plan





Min. Withdrawal Amt.


*There is no minimum amount requirement in case unitholder is opting for an all units switch.

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