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Goal Planner

Just Think of your Dream, And Plan to make it True

Good planning can help convert all your dreams to reality. Use this tool to calculate the type of investments you need towards achieving your goal.

Tata Mutual Fund Goal Planner
  • 1
    Basic Information
  • 2
    Income Details
  • 3
    Choose Your Goal
  • 4
    Risk Profile
  • 5
    Goal Planner
  • 1Basic Information

    Title :
    Name :

    Age :

    Gender :
    Marital Status :
  • 2Income Details

    Net take home income (Monthly)
    Total monthly expenses (Excluding EMI)
    EMI expenses
    Annual insurance premium

    Monthly amount available for investments

  • 3Choose Your Goal

    • Tata Mutual Fund Asset Purchase Goal
      Asset Purchase

      Its an important decision in your life. Lets calculate it smartly.

    • Tata Mutual Fund Child’s Education Goal
      Child’s Education

      Your child career is important and expenses for the same needs to be planned.

    • Tata Mutual Fund Vacation Goal

      Yippee! Ultimately decided for a vacation. Let’s plan it now!

    • Tata Mutual Fund Child's Marriage Goal
      Child's Marriage

      Start planning for your Child's Marriage now.

  • 4Risk Profile

    • 1. What is your primary objective while making investment decisions?
      • To preserve capital and generate income
      • To generate moderate capital growth with some income
      • To generate aggressive capital growth over the long-term
    • 2. Investments can go up or down in value and experts often say you should be prepared to weather a downturn. By how much could the total value of all your investments go down before you would begin to feel uncomfortable?
      • 10%
      • 20%
      • 30%
    • 3. If your investments fall by 25% within 3 months of you investing in it, what would be your choice of action?
      • I would be very concerned because I cannot accept fluctuations in the value of my portfolio
      • Wait for some more time to see if it stabilizes in next 3 months thereafter will sell it and book losses
      • I invest for long-term growth and accept temporary declines due to market fluctuations. I may even use this opportunity to invest more
    • 4. When making an investment, return and risk usually go hand-in-hand. Investments which produce above-average returns are usually of above-average risk. With this in mind, how much of the funds you have available to invest would you be willing to place in investments where both returns and risks are expected to be above average?
      • Not more than 20%
      • Between 25% to 50%
      • More than 50%
    • 5. How do you rate your willingness to take financial risks?
      • Not willing to take any risk
      • Willing to take a moderate level of risk
      • I understand the risk-return trade-offs and can take higher risks with potential for higher returns
  • 5Goal Planner

    Goal Name
    You need the goal amount on ‘One Time’ or ‘Yearly’ basis
    Goal Horizon (Yrs.)
    You would need the amount annually for (yrs)
    Required Lumpsum / Yearly Amount

    Growth rate of Goal (including inflation %)

    Future value of one time amount (Rs.)
    Future value of receipt period amount (Rs.)
    Future value of goal amount (Rs.)
    Risk Profile
    (You can adjust the risk profile for each of your goals. The risk profile should be based on the priority and time horizon of the goal)
    Returns expectations are assumed on the basis of your risk profile chosen (%)
    Monthly investment required (Rs.)
    I would like to invest monthly (Rs.)

    Lumpsum (Rs.)

    Expected value of investment amount (Rs.)
    (Deficit) / Surplus
    Additionaly needed monthly investments (Rs.)
    Additionaly needed lumpsum investments (Rs.)

Investment Plan of for goal.

Investment planning is a dynamic process that changes along with your life cycle situations. Developments in your professional and private life are likely to have a direct impact on meeting your goals. For that reason, keep in mind that this report should not be considered final or definitive, but as part of an ongoing, long-term planning process in partnership with your advisor. Investment planning is necessary for every one who wishes to achieve any financial goal.


Based on the growth rate of % entered for the goal, the projected value of your goal is Rs. /-.
Based on the risk profile selected by you assuming an average return of % we suggest a monthly investment of Rs. /-.
You have opted to invest Rs. /- lumpsum and Rs. /- monthly.

Your suggested Portfolio is given below:


DISCLAIMER: The Calculators/Planners are designed to assist you in determining the appropriate amount you would need for your various financial goals. However, please note that these Calculators/Planners may not be sufficient and hence, may not be solely depended upon to develop investment strategies for your financial goals. We would recommend you independently evaluate the investment strategies and consult a Financial Planner or Advisors. Tata Asset Management Ltd does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the calculators/Planners. These calculators/Planners are only indicative and illustrative in nature and are based on certain assumptions which may or may not be true. In view of individual nature of tax consequences, each investor is advised to consult his/ her own professional tax advisor.
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